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WATCH: Walking vs running, which is better for your health?

Every day, even if it's only for tasks around the house, we all walk to some extent. There are various strategies you may employ to maximise the health advantages of walking if you wish to use it as an exercise activity rather than merely a means of getting around.

Fitness experts discuss the advantages of the ‘Primal Movement’ trend and offer at-home workouts

Pinterest predicts that primal movement will be popular in 2023, and according to fitness professionals, this trend has already begun.

Giving you the Power to be!

Every New Year should start off on the right foot - by placing an emphasis on mental, nutritional, physical and various other forms of wellness. This then, sets the tone for a successful, well-rounded approach for the rest of the year.Our Power performance and athletic footwear brand led the way this January, with a wellness experience under the theme #PowerToBe.The dynamic wellness and yoga instructor, Nosizwe Mji, of ToolboxLife, guided our...

How to do an abdominal crunch + the benefits for runners

Use this key core exercise to improve your posture and stability when you run - and build those six-pack muscles

Burn fat and build muscle all over with this 25-minute workout

You only need five exercises and two dumbbells to work every major muscle group in your body

This upper-body dumbbell workout sculpts your arms in just 5 exercises

Personal Trainer Emily Skye shares a 15-minute upper-body workout you can do with just a set of dumbbells.

Forget dumbbells — this 300-rep bodyweight workout hits all your muscles

Test your strength, power, and muscle endurance with 300 reps and these three bodyweight exercises.

Six chronic health conditions exercise could help with - from high cholesterol to diabetes

Regular physical exercise and taking care of your body is imperative for living a healthy and full life, with the added benefit of reducing the risk of developing chronic health conditions.

I did yoga every day — here’s what happened to my body

Our fitness writer did yoga every day for two weeks. Here's what happened to her body, and these are some yoga benefits that could improve your health.

‘Micro Workouts’ are the latest fitness trend amongst Gen Z’s

If you can't find the time for a lengthy workout, try incorporating ‘micro workouts’ into your schedule.

Water Weight: How to Lose It for Good

FRIDAY, Jan. 13, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- Water weight. It's the bane of dieters looking to lose pounds, causing bloating, puffiness and disappointment when stepping on a scale. While a full 60% of your body is water, sometimes too much water is retained. That can make losing weight frustrating because it may seem like you aren't actually losing weight. Varying water levels can make a person’s weight fluctuate by 2 to 4 pounds in just one day....

Simple steps to incorporate into your diet if you want to lose belly fat

Even though many people seek to reduce their stubborn belly fat through exercise and healthier eating habits, it’s always the last thing to go when trying to get to your desired weight goal.

Day 3 Of 14 Day Cardio And Core Challenge By Dionna Harris

About this challenge This 14 day challenge will help you build your cardiovascular endurance and strengthen your abs, obliques, glutes and back muscles. Most of these workouts use minimal to no equipment so they're easy to get done anywhere! Challenge created by Dionna Harris. Find Dionna Harris here - Instagram, Facebook Day 3 Have you ever heard ...

Let's get physical: ETA courses help students master the fitness industry

Not everyone wants to pursue academics after school and ETA offers several options for those interested in the fitness industry.

We point out the benefits of a barre workout

There are many different forms of exercise, including barre workouts. It's recommended to incorporate both cardio and weight training into your weekly fitness routine. In general, you need more cardio than strength training each week for a balanced fitness regimen.

This ‘habit stacking’ tip will help you actually stick to a workout routine

Five pros share advice to help you reach any fitness goal

Why virtual reality fitness is the ideal escapism for Londoners

Why virtual reality fitness is the ideal escapism for Londoners - Busy mum Frances Marcellin swapped the monotony of a treadmill for the digital thrills of VR and discovered a whole new world of sociable exercise.

Zumba and it's surprising positive effects on you health

Zumba is so well-liked because it feels more like a dance party than a workout while you're moving to the rhythms of salsa, flamenco, and merengue.

Best home gym equipment to exercise in your own space

Best home gym equipment to exercise in your own space - From running shoes to yoga mats, we have everything you need to stay fit

Your fitness outlook in 2023

There has been a renewed emphasis on individual well-being.

Work every muscle group in just 40 minutes with this full-body workout

You can do a warm-up, work out and cool-down in well under an hour

How to do a plank correctly + why all runners should include it in their strength workouts

Strengthening the abs and building core strength, the plank is a key strength move for runners

Is the Body Mass Index a reliable health indicator?

Many people argue that BMI should not be utilised in medical or fitness contexts since it is antiquated and incorrect.

'Muscle Toning' Workouts Are a Sham. Train This Way Instead.

If a trainer or influencer tries to sell you on these miracle routines, it's time to find a new plan

Kettlebell exercises are one of the easiest ways to boost your fitness - 9 moves to do from home or the gym

Jennifer Aniston, Lizzo, and Penelope Cruz all strength train with the piece of kit.

What is functional strength training?

Functional strength training could make your everyday life easier – here's how to get started with the practice

This Pilates ab workout is a combination of all the most effective exercises for a strong body

This one's a good'un.

Bike desks help Mexican students learn while burning calories

By Daniel Becerril SAN NICOLAS DE LOS GARZA, Mexico (Reuters) - Rows of sleek new school desks equipped with bike pedals are allowing students in Mexico to power through their class work while cranking out some light exercise, burning off calories in a country known for its alarming obesity rates. But for the students at a high school just outside the bustling city of Monterrey, the new bike

You don't need to spend hours in the gym to build functional muscle, try this 12-minute home workout instead

All you need is a couple of dumbbells

Heard of cycle tracking? Why Olympian Jess Ennis Hill reckons it's key to smashing your workouts

Did you know? You can build up to 15% more lean muscle if you stack your strength training in the first half of your cycle.

A whopping 80% of South Africans make a conscious effort to exercise on holiday

Exercising has many benefits to it, and one key factor is discipline. Often when you’re on holiday you tend to use the ‘cheat’ card, and eat whatever you want or just relax.

Running and body type: which one are you?

Learn your somatotypes to better understand your running and weight loss potential.

3 best workout splits, tried + tested: Full schedules and tips

The best 3-day, 4-day and 5-day workout splits - from Gemma Atkinson's PT.

A new frontier in fitness: Gender disparities in health and wellness are being closed by the digital fitness boom

Fitness apps are proving to be unlikely solutions to the disproportionate burden women felt through the pandemic, as well as the gaps in gender equity that have always plagued fitness.

Exercise, Sports: A Natural Antidepressant for Teens

FRIDAY, Jan. 6, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- An antidote to teenage depression might be found in school gymnasiums and on sports fields, a major new review argues. Supervised exercise programs are associated with significant reductions in symptoms of depression among children and teenagers, according to the analysis of data from 21 studies involving more than 2,400 kids. “This is the first time that we've been able to put enough studies together so...

Feeling like you've ‘failed’ your New Year's resolution to lose weight? Try this instead

Experts agree that drastic, abrupt changes can be physically and emotionally taxing since people are more inclined to lose sight of their objectives when they feel they are too difficult.

Celeb diets: Bella Hadid revealed as most influential celebrity

Total Shape, a fitness and diet website, recently collected data on search phrases to see which celebrity diets were most popular in order to study the influencer impact.

'I did the 12-3-30 workout everyday for a week, here's everything I learned'

From whether it should be in your new routine, to how to make it easier.

The Fitness and Wellness Industries Are Going Primal

Health buffs are trading fancy gear and expensive classes for more analog exercises that combat the wear-and-tear of modern living.There's a new "It" fitness regimen in town, and this time, it has nothing to do with three-digit-priced athleisure sets or the type of overcrowded workout class that costs exactly $38. What if I told you the latest wellness phase sweeping the fashion crowd and social media requires no stuff, no money or — get this —...

Dumbbell exercises are loved by Rihanna and the Kardashians - 10 to try tonight

Our weight training experts have got you covered.

Rheumatoid arthritis pain management: essential daily exercises

Rheumatoid arthritis is generally considered a chronic lifelong condition. However, new treatments and exercises sometimes lead to dramatic improvements in the signs and symptoms of the condition. They can even prevent joint damage and lead to remission.

This is the only workout you need for maximum gains on upper-body days

Dread working on your arms, back and core? Try these seven simple movements to keep things interesting

New year, new you: Professional jockeys share top fitness tips to stay in shape

2023 is well underway, and many people have begun carrying out their new year resolutions. It should come as no surprise that eating well and exercising are among the more popular resolutions. However, according to studies, 77% of people only successfully keep their resolutions for a week.

Walking backwards has a surprising number of health benefits

Walking backwards burns more calories and has many other health benefits.

Back exercises are one of the simplest ways to strengthen and tone: 6 best for women, according to top experts

Ready to give weight training a go?

10 days of winter workouts: Medicine ball slams

There are many different variations of medicine ball exercises that can help you achieve rotational and power goals. Averee Dovsek is in the gym demonstrating a medicine ball slam that helps with the power of your golf swing. Many people struggle with controlling…

Forget dumbbells — this 13-move ab workout builds a strong core in 15 minutes

Give this 15-minute six-pack ab workout a try if you want to build a strong core in just 13 moves.

Harvard Health Publishing and 3 experts weigh in on: Can ginger help to burn belly fat?

Answered by Dr. Howard E. LeWine M.D. Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 40 years of experience · USA Ginger consumption may help with weight and waist size reduction. But without also reducing calories, the benefits of extra ginger alone will be small. A cautionary note: Ginger may slow blood clotting, and can be potentially dangero...

How to exercise with limited mobility: fitness for people living with disabilities

For the sake of their physical and mental health, everyone – including those with a disability – should establish a regular exercise schedule.

You only need three moves, one dumbbell, and 10 minutes to build core strength

This short, high-intensity routine strengthens your abs, develops your core, and makes a perfect workout finisher