Obese women paid less than their trimmer counterparts, studies suggest

Women are not only losing the battle of the bulge, their earning potential is seemingly affected if they are overweight.

Feeling like you've ‘failed’ your New Year's resolution to lose weight? Try this instead

Experts agree that drastic, abrupt changes can be physically and emotionally taxing since people are more inclined to lose sight of their objectives when they feel they are too difficult.

Capetonians are healthiest, but Joburgers spend more time working out, ObeCity Index shows

A Discovery Vitality study, the ObeCity Index, this week confirmed what much of the country already suspected on some level. Vitality members in Cape Town – where you see people running on the promenade and in residential areas at all hours of the day – have the healthiest weight, while those in Gqeberha in the Eastern Cape had the most room for improvement.

Rebel Wilson claims Pitch Perfect contract stopped her from losing weight

According to Rebel Wilson, her movie contract stopped her from losing weight.

A whopping 80% of South Africans make a conscious effort to exercise on holiday

Exercising has many benefits to it, and one key factor is discipline. Often when you’re on holiday you tend to use the ‘cheat’ card, and eat whatever you want or just relax.

I did 80 cable pull throughs every day for a week — here’s what happened to my legs

Build your butt, strengthen your hamstrings and improve your deadlift with the killer cable pull through

10 days of winter workouts: Smith machine squats

Having a weak lower body was so 2022. The new year is here and Golfweek is determined to broaden your fitness knowledge and give you some golf-specific exercises with “10 days of winter workouts.” Averee Dovsek is in the gym demonstrating a smith machine squat…

Are rumination syndrome and compulsive exercise related?: Get the answer from Harvard Health Publishing.

Answered by Dr. Howard E. LeWine M.D. Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 40 years of experience · USA The medical definition of rumination syndrome is the recurrent regurgitation of food from the stomach back into the mouth. However, rumination also can mean not letting go of thoughts or feelings, and it can be a symptom of obsessive...

Beyond Yoga Sample Sale, March 24th - 26th @ Culver City, CA

For the first time in years, Beyond Yoga's sample sale is back. Get up to 85% off Beyond Yoga's 3-day sample sale. Drop by the location at Smashbox Studios in Culver City from 3/24 - 3/26.Beyond Yoga Sample SaleDeals up to 85% OffMarch 24 – 2511am – 7pmMarch 2611am – 5pmSmashbox StudiosStudio 1 Lightbox8549 Higuera St.Culver City, CA 90232Public Parking at 8550 Higuera St.Credit Card & Cash

Giving you the Power to be!

Every New Year should start off on the right foot - by placing an emphasis on mental, nutritional, physical and various other forms of wellness. This then, sets the tone for a successful, well-rounded approach for the rest of the year.Our Power performance and athletic footwear brand led the way this January, with a wellness experience under the theme #PowerToBe.The dynamic wellness and yoga instructor, Nosizwe Mji, of ToolboxLife, guided our...

Put Your Fitness To The Test With This Four-Move Conditioning Session

This full-body routine from trainer Mark Thompson will challenge your strength, fitness, mobility and balance

Arm in a Cast? Exercising the Other Arm Can Curb Muscle Loss

TUESDAY, March 7, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- You can keep an arm in a cast from wasting away, researchers say, by working out your free arm. A small group of young men who performed eccentric contraction exercises with one arm — lowering a dumbbell in a slow and controlled motion — saw a 4% strength improvement in the other arm, even though it was immobilized by a cast at the elbow. Another group assigned to perform concentric contraction...

Will an Apple Watch or Fitbit make you lose weight? Don't count on it

Researchers find that wearing a fitness tracker doesn't necessarily give people the motivation to change their behavior. And for some, it might have the opposite effect.

We point out the benefits of a barre workout

There are many different forms of exercise, including barre workouts. It's recommended to incorporate both cardio and weight training into your weekly fitness routine. In general, you need more cardio than strength training each week for a balanced fitness regimen.

Over 40? Just 20 Minutes of Daily Exercise Can Keep You Out of the Hospital

MONDAY, Feb. 20, 2023 (HealthDay News) -- If you're over 40, regular exercise may not only keep you fit -- it might keep you out of the hospital, too, a large new study suggests. Researchers found that among nearly 82,000 British adults, those who regularly exercised were less likely to be hospitalized for various health conditions in the coming years. The list included such common ills as pneumonia, stroke, diabetes complications and severe...

Rheumatoid arthritis pain management: essential daily exercises

Rheumatoid arthritis is generally considered a chronic lifelong condition. However, new treatments and exercises sometimes lead to dramatic improvements in the signs and symptoms of the condition. They can even prevent joint damage and lead to remission.

Man loses 1.8st in months with 'life-changing' morning routine - gym 'never worked for me'

Losing weight in time for summer can be a challenge for many but thanks to a "fast, fun and time-efficient" training, this can be achieved in a matter of weeks.

How to combine resistance and cardio exercises for powerful HIIT workout

Resistance is even less futile when mixed with strength training.

‘Micro Workouts’ are the latest fitness trend amongst Gen Z’s

If you can't find the time for a lengthy workout, try incorporating ‘micro workouts’ into your schedule.

Day 3 Of 14-Day Total Body Strength Challenge By Brian Washington

About this challenge The 14-Day Total Body Strength Challenge is here! This challenge features a variety of workouts focusing on gaining strength, toning, cardio, core, and recovery days with yoga. This program was created for anyone looking to gain strength and muscle and lose weight. For this program, you will need access to dumbbells & kettlebel...

Can I do yoga after open heart surgery?: Harvard Health Publishing weighs in.

Answered by Dr. Howard E. LeWine M.D. Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 40 years of experience · USA The answer is yes. But how long you should wait before doing yoga after your surgery is up to your heart surgeon. He or she will want to know the type and intensity of yoga you plan to engage in. → See more questions and expert answe...

This Pilates ab workout is a combination of all the most effective exercises for a strong body

This one's a good'un.

Flux Trends Leaders thoughts of future fitness report is out

The results of the Flux Trends's 'Leaders' thoughts of future fitness in 'permacrisis'' survey are out.asked about their preparedness for the future and what assistance they require to become morefuture-proofed">Source © Lasse Designen 123rf Flux Trends conducted a survey where leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners wereasked about their preparedness for the future and what assistance they require to become morefuture-proofedCollins...

Kerry Katona 'on a mission' to lose weight months after tummy tuck

Kerry Katona is "on a mission" to lose weight but has been suffering from a broken foot since last year.

Zumba and it's surprising positive effects on you health

Zumba is so well-liked because it feels more like a dance party than a workout while you're moving to the rhythms of salsa, flamenco, and merengue.

Want to keep fit? Check out these fun fitness events in Gauteng

Africa Melane chats to fitness enthusiast Liezel can der Westhuizen about fun fitness events happening in your city.

How to exercise with limited mobility: fitness for people living with disabilities

For the sake of their physical and mental health, everyone – including those with a disability – should establish a regular exercise schedule.

World obesity day: How to tackle weight increases in Europe

More than half of Europeans are overweight - with a Body mass Index equal to or greater than 25 and almost 20% of Europeans are obese - with a BMI of over 30. View on euronews

Day 8 Of 14 Day To Your Best Booty Challenge By Karen Barnard

About this challenge This 14 day challenge combines, cardio, strength and toning workouts specifically focusing on our thighs and glutes for a toned and tight butt. This challenge also combines cardio and HIIT workouts targeting our all important core. Challenge created by Karen Barnard. Find Karen Barnard here - Instagram, Facebook Day 8 Ready to ...

Let's get physical: ETA courses help students master the fitness industry

Not everyone wants to pursue academics after school and ETA offers several options for those interested in the fitness industry.

Women defying stereotypes as focus on fitness grows

Over the years, women have started including different workout forms. It varies from resistance training, HIIT or sports.

Harvard Health Publishing has answers to common questions about Benefits Of Exercising.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of exercising? Answered by Dr. Howard E. LeWine M.D. Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 40 years of experience · USA For almost everyone, the advantages of exercise outweigh any possible disadvantages. Ideally, you want to combine aerobic exercise that increases heart rate and resistance trai...

Day 4 Of 30 Day Muscle And Strength Building Challenge By Abe Walton

About this challenge This challenge is all about increasing the stimulus to the muscles as we start with some basic workouts and progress to advanced sessions as we finish off the challenge. Feeling the muscle work and staying controlled is more important than moving max weight so keep that in mind as we get started! Challenge created by Abe Walton...

Exercise in Europe: Which countries do the most and least physical activity?

Exercise is key for physical and mental health. But almost half of EU residents report that they never work out or play sports. View on euronews

The Fitness and Wellness Industries Are Going Primal

Health buffs are trading fancy gear and expensive classes for more analog exercises that combat the wear-and-tear of modern living.There's a new "It" fitness regimen in town, and this time, it has nothing to do with three-digit-priced athleisure sets or the type of overcrowded workout class that costs exactly $38. What if I told you the latest wellness phase sweeping the fashion crowd and social media requires no stuff, no money or — get this —...

You only need three moves, one dumbbell, and 10 minutes to build core strength

This short, high-intensity routine strengthens your abs, develops your core, and makes a perfect workout finisher

Loquat: How much is too much? Find out what the experts say, get serving sizes, and reasons to eat

Perspective from Iyanuoluwa Oyetunji Master of Science in Medicine, specialization in Human Nutrition · 2 years of experience · South Africa Benefits Loquat may help to maintain immunity, reduce inflammation, and maintain heart and eye health. This is due to its very rich content of carotenoids.Loquat also contains other antioxidants that may help ...

Benefits of exercise during Ramadaan

While the norm for people during this period is to refrain from eating and drinking, physical activity should not be skipped.

10 Bikes That Are Actually Comfortable

Prime options for when you want to crunch miles, not vertebrae.

De Quervain'S Tenosynovitis : What is it & treatments

Overview Painful condition where the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist are affected. This causes difficulty in turning the wrist, hold any object and fold the thumb. Symptoms Symptoms are severe pain and swelling around the base of the thumb. Causes Exact cause is not known, but the repetitive use of the wrist such as typing works on computers...

WATCH: Mobility training is one of TikTok's most flexible fitness trends

Lubricate the joints and discover a broad variety of strenuous aerobic exercises, ab challenges and videos of people showcasing their impressive strength on FitTok with mobility training.

Why wellness pays off

Maximising the benefits of exercise in the new world of wellness.

Fitness experts discuss the advantages of the ‘Primal Movement’ trend and offer at-home workouts

Pinterest predicts that primal movement will be popular in 2023, and according to fitness professionals, this trend has already begun.

Celeb diets: Bella Hadid revealed as most influential celebrity

Total Shape, a fitness and diet website, recently collected data on search phrases to see which celebrity diets were most popular in order to study the influencer impact.

WATCH: Walking vs running, which is better for your health?

Every day, even if it's only for tasks around the house, we all walk to some extent. There are various strategies you may employ to maximise the health advantages of walking if you wish to use it as an exercise activity rather than merely a means of getting around.

Back exercises are one of the simplest ways to strengthen and tone: 6 best for women, according to top experts

Ready to give weight training a go?

A new frontier in fitness: Gender disparities in health and wellness are being closed by the digital fitness boom

Fitness apps are proving to be unlikely solutions to the disproportionate burden women felt through the pandemic, as well as the gaps in gender equity that have always plagued fitness.

Harvard Health Publishing and 3 experts weigh in on: How do you strengthen your hip abductor muscles?

Answered by Dr. Howard E. LeWine M.D. Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 40 years of experience · USA The abductor muscles (gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, piriformis, and tensor fasciae latae) in the thigh move your legs out away from your body and allow you to rotate your leg within the hip joint. This set of muscles helps you pul...

3 best workout splits, tried + tested: Full schedules and tips

The best 3-day, 4-day and 5-day workout splits - from Gemma Atkinson's PT.

Cerebral Palsy : What is it & treatments

Overview A group of disorders that affect movement, muscle tone, balance, and posture. Symptoms It affects movement, balance, and muscle tone leading to rigidity in the joints, involuntary movements, and exaggerated reflexes. Causes It is caused by abnormal brain development or damage to part of the brain that controls muscles. Diagnosis The doctor...